The Internet in the mind: the conceptualisation of the category of the Internet in English

Patrycja Karpińska


The aim of the article is to investigate our understanding of the concept of the Internet. In order to do so, an analysis within the paradigm of Cognitive Linguistics is performed. Firstly, the fundamental assumptions, upon which the Cognitive Linguistics are built, are discussed. Secondly, the theory of conceptual metaphor is brought up as it is one of the most significant theories within the said paradigm. Cognitive linguists claim that our understanding of abstract concepts (such as, for example, the Internet) is metaphorical; the complex concepts are understood in terms of simple ones related closely to our bodily and cultural experiences. Therefore, the metaphor governs our cognitive processes and construes our view of the world. Thirdly and lastly, the conceptual metaphors constituting our understanding of the concept of Internet are investigated.



Cognitive Linguistics, conceptualisation, Internet, conceptual metaphor

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